The Dannah Advantage


Dannah Insurance Solutions, LLC, began when our founder, Richard Rodgers, wanted a Financial and Insurance solution that brought everything together for our customers.  His idea was to bring together seasoned professionals knowledgable in all aspects of Financial and Insurance Services into one agency. 

No matter what you need - from auto and home insurance, to business insurance and health and benefits, all the way through financial and retirement planning - the agents at Dannah Insurance are here to help you find the best coverage to suit your needs.  Because at Dannah, we're not just agents, we're customers also, and we understand that taking the confusion out of insurance is vital for maximizing your protection.  Making your insurance needs easy to understand can make all of the difference. 

Dannah is also a licensed captive insurance manager with the ability to write captive insurance companies from coast to coast.  We are licensed in over 10 states nationwide (and growing) with offices in both California and Texas.