Pet Insurance -  
You have insurance to cover your family in case of accident or illness, and now you can have insurance to cover the four legged members of your family too! Take the financial worry out of those vet visits and keep your furry family members happy and healthy!

How do I use my coverage?

  • Take your pet for treatment
  • Pay your vet bill
  • Submit a claim to get reimbursed

Where will my pet insurance be accepted?

Your insurance can be used for treatment at any veterinary clinic in the U.S. or Canada, including treatement from specialists and emergency care facilities

Can I have more than one pet on my account?

Yes!! You can enroll multiple pets at one time or add pets later. Every pet will have an individual policy and premium. You'll also get a 10% discount on the base plan premium for each additional pet you insure!

What happens to my pet's coverage as they get older?

We will never cancel or downgrade your pet’s coverage because of age or health. You will see an increase in your
premium as your pet gets older.