1. Double Double Toil and Trouble!! (Halloween Safety Tips)
    31 Oct, 2017
    Double Double Toil and Trouble!! (Halloween Safety Tips)
    Halloween is one of those holidays that kids look forward to all year. Costumes, candy and halloween movies are abound all through October and kids spend the month deciding what they want to wear trick or treating. The weather changes, fall finally settles in and the night comes alive with the laughter and shrieks of happy kids in the neighborhood.  But remember that it's also a night to be super prepared for lots of visitors at your door. While your homeowners insurance should cover any
  2. Are you a lyft or uber driver? Check your insurance coverage!
    24 Oct, 2017
    Are you a lyft or uber driver? Check your insurance coverage!
    Do you have the right coverage for rideshare driving? You have options outside of Uber and Lyft for affordable insurance to keep you covered in the event of an accident!
  3. Do you know about Pet Insurance??
    18 Oct, 2017
    Do you know about Pet Insurance??
    You love your pets like family, and now you can protect them like family too. Most people don't know about pet insurance, or even how to access it. There are quite a few companies out there offering it, but it can still be really confusing.  What coverages are offered? How much does it cost? What does it cover? Can I put more than one animal on a policy? How does the insurance work? These are questions I hear from many people who are just simply uninformed about the product. Pet
  4. 12 Oct, 2017
    Check out our Facebook page!!!
    Have you been to the Dannah Insurance Solutions facebook page yet?!  It's really worth your time to go check it out. We have started a trend of running contests for awesome prizes like gift cards, or movie tickets, or special event tickets... all sorts of fun and wonderful things!  So far we've given away starbucks gift cards, and tickets to see Top Gun on the USS midway... a totally sold out event!  Who knows what our next contest will be!!! Our contests usually run for 24 hours, so you'd
  5. 09 Oct, 2017
    Wildfires and Wind
    It seems that summer has gripped the inland empire and is very slowly releasing her hold. Yesterday the winds started up and today, two new wildfires sprung up. With the winds ripping through our valley, it makes fighting these fires very dangerous! So far we've had one freeway closure from the fire, and another one is creeping up to the need for closure.  With such weather conditions effecting our area, it makes you think... are you prepared in the event of a disaster? Even beyond considering
  6. A new Dannah Insurance Solutions site!
    06 Oct, 2017
    A new Dannah Insurance Solutions site!
    What's this? A brand new Dannah Insurance Solutions website? Why yes, it is!  We've changed a few things at Dannah Insurance Solutions, and a fresh new website was a welcome one. We took the time to decide on how best to present the most accurate and up-to-date information about our business to you, and the result is well worth the effort.  As summer slowly changes into fall, we here at Dannah slowly made some changes ourselves. We've moved our location from Murrietta to Temecula, and we've